Hormone Therapy for Women

The inner workings of a woman’s body are extremely complex, and require a vast amount of substances to carry out all of the complicated processes that are required to keep a body up and running, let alone running ideally.  There are many unique factors for women, from giving birth, to menstrual cycles, to going through menopause.  Regardless of what your body is going through, one thing is for certain: your hormones are playing a large role in it.

Hormones are extremely important substances that are produced by your body.  There are many different types, which all have different tasks and responsibilities, which keep your body functioning.  Your body’s hormone production will be at its peak when you are at a young age – around the late teens to very early twenties – and will gradually decline as you get older.  Additionally, menopause causes your body to suddenly produce much fewer hormones.

For hormones to work properly, they require a delicate balance, as well as sufficient amounts.  When your hormone levels fall out of balance, then you may suffer from any number of unpleasant or painful symptoms because of it.  And because of the way hormones work, sometimes, having a deficiency in one may cause an excess of another, causing even more symptoms despite only having one real problem.

The hormones in your body that we provide replacement therapy for include:


Estrogen is the female sex hormone.   It is mainly produced in the ovaries, and your body will produce significantly less during and after menopause.  It is responsible for many sexual characteristics and several other important factors throughout the body, such as bone strength.


Estriol is a less powerful form of estrogen, which is mainly used to provide the body with needed estrogen while reducing the risk of any side effects.


This hormone aids the body in preparing for and during pregnancy.  It is responsible for releasing eggs from the ovaries, as well as maintaining your body while you are pregnant.


Testosterone is typically considered a man’s hormone, but women need it as well.  It is important for maintaining bone strength and muscle mass, and encourages your body to burn fat for energy.


This hormone, created within the adrenal glands, is responsible for maintaining healthy blood pressure and helps your body deal with stress.


Also known as dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA is a master hormone that controls the production and balance of all other hormones in your body.


Human growth hormone is needed to maintain muscle mass and helps your body lose weight.  It aids your body in breaking down fat for energy instead of existing muscle.

Bioidentical Hormone Treatments

Bioidentical hormones are carefully crafted treatment options that allow you to replenish your body’s hormone levels with a low risk of side effects or other problems.

Thyroid Replacement

The thyroid is necessary to produce a large number of hormones, and treating the thyroid directly may be the solution for properly addressing a hormonal imbalance.