Low T Medical Clinic is now in Westminster, Colorado

Englewood, Colorado

Satellite Clinic in Westminster, Colorado

The Low T Medical Clinic is proud to offer a new satellite clinic in Westminster, Colorado. This location is able to provide all follow up services for our medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapy programs.

Any patients in either program that require a controlled substance (such as phentermine or testosterone, as examples) must first be seen and qualified in person at one of our locations in Denver. Once you have been qualified for one of our programs, you will be allowed to enroll in our telemedicine program.

Once we have seen you in person at one of our locations in Denver, our telemedicine program allows us to treat you without having to be seen in person by one of our providers.

Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40

These satellite locations aren’t limited solely to follow up patients, and can offer some services even to those who are not following up. We offer some select services at these satellite locations for your convenience, such as our signature line of products, including B12 injections, amino acid supplements, and our top selling product, AminoSlim injections. If these services are the only ones you need, then our satellite clinic can provide them, with no need to visit one of our Denver locations.

Visiting a Denver location is only required if you are looking for new appetite suppressant or hormone replacement therapy consultations. However, these satellite locations can offer follow up patients prescription refills, blood draws, weekly injections or any of our other services that doesn’t require an initial visit with one of our providers.

Low T Medical Clinic Prioritizes Patients

Low T Medical Clinic is committed to improving the health of our community, and we have expanded our locations with a new clinic in Westminster to provide quality health care to more people throughout Colorado.  The health of our patients is the most important aspect of our clinic, and we do everything we can to ensure that our patients are given high quality care.  We create unique health plans that target specific problems, instead of applying generic treatment plans.  We give our patients one-on-one time with their doctors to best discuss their issues, voice their concerns, and let us know exactly what they expect from us.  We seek to understand your goals and needs before creating the perfect plan for you, and we hope to offer you the best service by:

  • Forming a strong bond with our patients
  • Creating health plans to address unique problems in unique individuals
  • Using proactive treatments
  • Providing one on one support and consultation

Healthy Man and WifeOur Approach

At Low T Medical Clinic, we understand that every patient needs and deserves a unique approach, because everyone has unique health issues that cannot be consistently fixed through generic treatments.  Our goal is to provide a comfortable and secure environment for our patients, allowing them to open up to us and help us to understand their health goals, and what challenges they face in reaching them.  We hope to understand these things so that we can create a powerful health plan that works to achieve these goals, and improve your health significantly in the process.

Our staff is carefully selected from the best doctors and physicians we can find from across the country.  Our staff is highly experienced in working one-on-one with patients, applying treatments, and creating customized health plans.  In addition, we keep up with the latest news and breakthroughs in the medical field, so that our doctors have access to the latest technology and techniques to best serve our patients.

Creating Unique Health Plans

Low T Medical Clinic creates customized plans that are based off of a solid foundation.  We use extensive tests and tools to learn more about your health and we have access to a wide variety of potential solutions to numerous different health problems.  Our plans will only apply solutions that are relevant to your health issues and goals.  Our foundations include a wide range of potential actions, which we then turn into unique plans that include only the needed solutions.

Our health care programs include:

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our hormone replacement therapy program is designed to return your hormones to healthier levels.  By addressing your hormone levels, our hormone therapy program may help to relieve a number of painful symptoms that are associated with hormone imbalance.  Hormone replacement therapy may even help you feel younger and more energetic.

Learn more about our hormone replacement therapy program.

Low Testosterone Therapy

Low testosterone is a condition that becomes very common in older men.  Our low testosterone therapy program is designed to address the cause of your low testosterone, or to improve the levels of testosterone in your body to make up for the gradual loss of testosterone that men suffer from as they age.  This treatment typically provides relief from symptoms such as fatigue and muscle loss.

Learn more about our testosterone therapy program.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss is difficult for many different reasons, and our medical weight loss program hopes to uncover what makes it especially difficult and address that issue directly.  Our weight loss program hopes to shed pounds, but also improve your lifestyle so that weight is never a problem again.

Learn more about our medical weight loss program.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects millions of men.  Our erectile dysfunction treatment looks for the cause of your erectile dysfunction, and treats the problem by fixing that cause.

Learn more about our erectile dysfunction treatment program.

Couples Program

Additionally, we offer special plans for patients who enroll with their spouses as part of our couples program.  All members of the couples program receive courtesy blood work analysis for free. Our couples program is designed for both men and women and offers special discounted pricing on all our products, additional programs, and prescriptions.

Contact Us Today

If you live in Westminster and need health care, then we are ready to hear from you to get you started on achieving better health.  We have everything needed to provide you with expert consultation, analysis, and treatments – all we need is to hear from you to get started!

You can contact us today by calling us at 303-322-0255.  We look forward to helping you reach your health goals as quickly and painlessly as possible!

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