Six Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40

Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40Sometimes it seems like the fight against unnecessary weight gain is mainly construed by the media and ads as a struggle only women face.

Therefore, it can be difficult to find weight loss tips for those of us with a y chromosome.

Not to worry though. We have weight loss tips that are specific to both men and the older population.

Evaluate your lifestyle and relationships.

Before even beginning a new diet or workout regime, it’s important to think about what you’re trying to accomplish with your weight loss goals.

Have you been experiencing difficulty in your marriage because of your weight? Have you been dreading family activities because you feel it’s not worth the physical effort? It’s important to keep in mind why you’re trying to get in shape and remind yourself of those factors as you work so that you can stay motivated.

Check your hormone levels.

For many men, weight gain correlates with age. As we grow older, our weight increases. While there are many things that could contribute to this weight gain, the most common is low testosterone. In fact, one of the most noticeable symptoms of low T is weight gain. If you think your extra pounds are caused by inadequate hormone levels, talk to a doctor who specializes in men’s health.

In addition to low testosterone, another hormone could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. The growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and helps facilitate several different functions in the body. When levels start to dip too low, a man will experience an imbalance of body fluids, a decrease in muscle tone, and difficulty metabolizing sugar and fat. Consider scheduling a consultation with a doctor who specializes in Denver growth hormone treatment. Simply stabilizing your growth hormone might make a big difference in your weight loss efforts.

Check your percentage of body fat.

Surprisingly it’s not always about weight. No, instead of a simple numbers-game, losing weight is more about percentages like your percentage of body fat. This isn’t to say that you’ll never need a scale ever again, but it’s important to focus on fat and metabolism rather than worrying about your number too much.

Instead try cutting down on your fat intake, and you’ll soon enough find that your metabolism will be easier to maintain as you age.

Work with your doctor or a nutritionist.

Sometimes, men can’t seem to shed those unwanted pounds on their own. It is often advisable to work closely with a personal trainer at the gym. Another option is to consult a nutritionist. Also, a Denver weight loss doctor can help determine if there are underlying causes to your weight gain. Sometimes, if drastic weight loss is necessary, medical weight loss techniques might be implemented.

Build your muscle mass.

In order to keep your body healthy and not just slimmer with age it’s important to keep a consistent workout regime so that you can continue to build and maintain muscle. Doing so will also decrease your percentage of body fat, so keeping yourself healthy will be more productive than ever.

Do aerobics.

Even if you actively hate running on the treadmill find some way to keep cardio incorporated into your exercise routine. There are plenty of ways to avoid getting on the treadmill too. The key is to be creative and keep yourself positive.

If you keep up with your new, healthier lifestyle you’ll be able to see results in your quality of life, and even as you get older you’ll still be reaping the benefits of your positive decisions.