Low T Medical Clinic Testimonials

The staff is great. I have been following the program for one year and it is amazing! I highly recommend Colorado Men’s Health Clinic. Highly Recommend!

– Mark L

My first visit was great!! Girl who took blood was very smooth. I can’t wait to get back and get started. Definitely recommend Colorado Men’s health clinic.

– David B

I am a 52 year old man whose weight at the start of my treatments was considered obese. When I started at CO Men’s Health Clinic, I felt sluggish and sedentary, and lazy about my health. I have been a patient/client at Colorado Men’s Health since August 2012. After several months of blood work and working with the staff toward getting my T-levels and thyroid levels within normal healthy ranges, I can now say not only do I have an increased energy level and sex drive as well as overall better mental clarity. The biggest side benefit has been that along with changing my nutrition and exercise activity significantly, I have lost over 70 pounds, and am within 20 pounds of a normal weight BMI for my height. I have no doubt I will reach that goal within a few months. I whole heartedly endorse working to achieve your health goals with the people at Colorado Men’s Health Clinic. They are not just there to ‘get you on a program’, they are there to work with you achieve the goals you need and deserve for your own optimum health, and I am very glad for that! I am happy to recommend them to anyone!

– Brian S

I’ve been coming to Colorado Men’s Health for about 6 months now. I’m very glad I did. The experience has been top notch: professional, discrete, and comfortable. The entire staff treats you with courtesy and care. And best of all, the treatment really works! I’m a totally satisfied patient.


I set an appointment and got my lab work done in all under a week. Josh and his clinic worked with me to get me on a uniform program that is best suited for my needs. I haven’t felt this alive and outgoing since I was 25 years old. They are very understanding and have worked with me around my chaotic work schedule. I would recommend them undoubtedly.

Drew Sisneros

I have been on this program 1 year and it is really a spectacular life changer. So I’m 65 have run 45 mins a day and lifted since I was 40 but could never shed the love handles. Now I still weigh the same but no love handles. Increased energy, increased overall feeling of wellness. I run like a 62 Corvette with a new engine.

Lee S.

I am 60 years old and was starting to feel my age, more ways then one. I have completed two cycles of testosterone injections. My energy level has had major improvement, more alert, calmer at work and bedroom activities are again apart of my routine. Also I am an avid gym goer and my strength has increased as well as I almost have a 6-pack and that’s not talking beer. The staff are great and informative.

– Mike Claborn

No more short temper, energy is great, happiness is back, libido like it was when I was in my 20′s and 30′s. It’s amazing how something so simple can make such an incredible difference. Don’t be afraid; the staff is super nice, discreet and professional. You’re researching all of this because you know something’s not right. You’re right, and you can get your mojo back. This works, and, once you make the appointment and visit these folks, you’ll wish you would have done this sooner.


The service and pricing at Colorado Men’s Health Clinic was excellent. First visit and have to get my test result back. They did not make me uneasy discussing very personal issues and explained the pros and cons very well. Follow up in 7 days for results and if needed where to go from there.

– T.D.

I was gaining weight without eating more (50 lbs). I was tired all the time. My interest in sex had diminished to nothing. I hurt all over my body because my career has been very physical. I fealt depressed and worn out. I was losing my will to live. Now all these symtoms are gone. including the 50 lbs. I feel like I’m 20 years younger. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t know about this program sooner. -Humbly Grateful

Barry H.

So glad I came here. At 55, depressed and sluggish, I came home tired, sex life was gone and I felt down a lot. I gained weight and felt worse daily. Since starting I lost 35 lbs and have energy. The biggest change is how I feel. I’m not depressed, sex life is back, working out, gained muscle. I recommend this to friends who noticed the changes in me. I don’t come home tired and look forward to my workout. Mrs: I’ve noticed big changes. Mood, energy, weight loss and physique all better.

– Silvino Esparza

I was running late and spoke with Vicki on the phone and she was able to give me directions to the office. Also, she was accommodating with the scheduling and even though I was half an hour late, she fit me in seemlesy between appointments. I found everyone to be professional and thorough in their questioning. Scott Challis

Scott Challis

Very helpful and informative. Lori Moore was patient, thorough and very knowledgeable. She made the visit pleasant and answered all my questions. She presented my options without being pushy. Good value for the money and I will continue to use their services.