Diminished Energy

Man sleeping on chairAs we age, it is common to lose interest in things that were once enjoyable.  We might cut back on certain activities because our joints ache or our back hurts.  However, a sudden and drastic disinterest could be an indicator of something more than just “old age.”

Likewise, it is perfectly normal to become tired and run down on occasion.  Skipping a workout or two can happen when we are especially worn out.  However, prolonged, continuous fatigue is not normal and can be a result of low testosterone levels.

When hormone levels start to dip, unpleasant side effects start to emerge.  One symptom of low testosterone is diminished energy.  The lower the testosterone level, the less interested we are in exerting energy.

Problems Associated With Low Energy Levels

On the surface, decreased energy may not seem too dangerous.  However, the prolonged condition can lead to serious health issues.

Gaining Weight

When the will to engage in physical activity is no longer there, you will see the impact it has on your overall wellbeing. Missing a few workouts or passing up the offer to walk with a friend isn’t the end of the world. But if it happens too often, it could be the end of your fit body. A pound or two doesn’t hurt, but those seemingly irrelevant pounds can quickly add up. Obesity is linked to so many serious health conditions; it seems crazy to let your low testosterone level put you at that risk.

Becoming Anti-Social

Losing the energy to even spend time with a friend is serious. Don’t overlook the fact that you no longer want to associate with other people, because it is not normal. Being alone too often is bad for your health. Seeing friends and family makes you a happier person.

Having Reoccurring Negative Thoughts

Low testosterone levels have been shown to have a negative impact on one’s mood. Becoming anti-social may in fact lead to this problem, but not always. Depression is shown to have a correlation with low T. If you are feeling down, get help immediately. You shouldn’t have to harbor bad feeling all because of an imbalanced hormone level.

Fortunately, restoring testosterone levels can have a significant impact on the amount of energy and enthusiasm we have.  After just a few treatments, men report they feel rejuvenated, rested and their energy has been restored. Take back your life with this simple treatment!