Decreased Libido from Low Testosterone

declining libidoThere are a lot of factors that contribute to a man’s sex drive.  While testosterone isn’t the only hormone involved in the process, it is the most influential.

When testosterone levels start to dip, a man’s sex drive will also begin to diminish.  At first, the gradual decline might go unnoticed.  But after a while, both partners will start to perceive a difference.

The Causes of a Declining Libido

Although low testosterone levels are the main cause of a lack of sex drive, it is not the only one.  A few other instigators include:

  • Stress
  • Performance anxiety
  • Medications
  • Medical conditions (including low testosterone levels)
  • Relationship problems

Signs of a Decreased Libido

How often you engage in intercourse isn’t always the best measurement of a declining libido. There are many factors that contribute to a decreased libido. You and you partner should discuss them, and then agree on what the next step will be.

  • You no longer look forward to sex
  • One person always initiates the action, while the other feels pressured
  • Any sort of sexual activity – including touching – only happens in the bedroom
  • Sex is more routine, rather than exciting and spontaneous
  • Sex no longer gives you a sense of connection with your partner
  • You no longer have sexual thoughts or fantasies about your partner

Effects of a Decreased Libido

A declining libido can lead to more than just a decrease in sexual activity. Decreased libido can create distance or tension between partners. With that being said, it can put stress on a relationship that may be difficult to overcome.

Problems with your relationship aren’t the only issue caused by a declining libido. The problem can cause men to harbor negative feelings about themselves and others.

How to Fight Back

A declining libido is often difficult to talk about.  However, since it affects both members of the relationship, it really is something that needs to be addressed.  Not only that, but a low sex drive could be an indicator of a more serious health condition.

Talk to your doctor about your decreased libido.  Since this is a condition that affects most men of a certain age, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.  Find out if your low sex drive is something that can be cured with hormone replacement therapy or if it is the result of something more serious.