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What To Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

Testosterone replacement therapy can come as quite the relief to men who are suffering from low testosterone levels.

While it can be common for men of a certain age, having low testosterone can be nothing short of infuriating. Some men are born struggling with low testosterone. A drop in testosterone levels is also not unheard of in younger men as young as their thirties.

Do you think you might be a candidate for hormone replacement therapy for men? Do you know someone that is? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

What is Hypogonadism?

Hypogonadism occurs when your sex glands produce little or no sex hormones. Hypo means low and gonad refers to the testicles. You can be tested for hypogonadism through a variety of hormone and imaging tests.

Some men are born with hypogonadism and others develop it over time or with age.

Low levels of testosterone can result in the following symptoms:

Erectile dysfunction

Decreased energy and muscle mass

Lowered sex drive

Loss of body and facial hair





There are several different causes for hypogonadism so your doctor will want to figure out the root cause before providing treatment.

What is hormone replacement therapy for men?

Hormone replacement therapy for men is when a man is given testosterone to correct his levels. This is a common corrective procedure for those with male hypogonadism.

There are many benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men. Men have reported a shift in their mood after they begin undergoing treatment. That being said, the results do vary from patient to patient.

This treatment is not typically suggested for men that are otherwise in good health. Doctors do not prescribe this treatment for men who have testosterone levels that have decreased due to aging.

Certain medical conditions can cause testosterone levels to lower. A man in this position would be the ideal candidate for treatment through hormone replacement therapy.


A doctor may suggest treatment in the form of hormone replacement therapy for men. This kind of treatment can restore sexual function, muscle strength, and prevent bone loss.

If a doctor suggests that treatment is necessary for low testosterone levels several things can happen. Treatment could consist of a variety of different methods:






Testosterone replacement therapy does have some side effects and runs risks as well. Risks can include:

Enlarged prostate

Sleeping problems


Due to the fact that extensive clinical trials have not yet been conducted, the benefits and risks of long-term hormone replacement therapy for men are inconclusive or unknown.

It is important that you discuss the risks in depth with your doctor to figure out if this treatment is right for you.


If you have questions or concerns we would be happy to help guide you in taking the next steps in this process. Contact us today!