Fresh Prepared Meal Plans in Nashville

Do you try to eat healthy, but have trouble with finding all the time you need to cook?  Is counting calories making figuring out your diet too much work?  Our freshly prepared meal plan may be just what you need!

Our clinic offers a plan to bring you fresh meal options that offer low fat and low calorie meals that are packed full of all the nutrition you need – and we don’t sacrifice the taste.  Our plan takes out all of the calorie counting, and just lets you worry about which delicious meal you want to have next.  All meals in our plan are proportioned ahead of time and prepared locally.

Want to offer that great nutrition to your whole family?  We can do that, too.  These meal plans aren’t just for singles, but can also be selected to include the whole family.  These meals take less than 3 minutes to prepare each, letting you spend less time cooking, and more time handling everything else that takes place in a busy day.

We realize that eating healthy can be expensive, and tailor our plans to be affordable.  We strive to offer a varied, healthy meal plan that has you worry more about what you want, not how much you spend.

Our meal plans include different meals to help you keep variety up throughout your day.  Our daily meal categories include:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks

Ordering and Picking Up

  • Pick up your meals at our location right here in Nashville.
  • All orders must be for paid in advance.
  • All orders must be submitted by noon on Friday.
  • All meals will be delivered by the end of the day Monday.
  • An email or text will be sent to you once your meals are available for pick up.

Enjoy Real Food – No Fake Meals Here

Many diets these days involve starving yourself or eating replacement meals – usually something along the lines of a shake or a bar.  While these sound nice in theory, the end result is rarely feeling satiated or filled up, and an unsatisifed craving for more food.  Our meals are designed to keep you feeling full and satisfied, without worrying that you’re overwating.  On top of that, our meals are fresh and never frozen – and you get real food, not hyped up replacements.

Our meals are prepared by professional chefs, who carefully craft them using high-quality ingredients.  The meals we offer cut the calories without sacrificing taste, helping to make meal time something to enjoy, instead of something to dread.  All meals follow guidlines established by the American Diabetes Association and the American Hearth to ensure your meals are as healthy as they are delicious.

It’s hard to feel enthused about fake food, and we won’t ask you to.  Instead, we offer natural meals that are freshly prepared.  With our fresh prepared meal plan, you can follow a proper diet, prepared by professionals, that you can enjoy, instead of suffer through.

Quick and Healthy – Convenient Food for Busy Lives

In today’s busy world, there isn’t always time to prepare a healthy meal.  Hunting around for what ingredients you should be eating to get enough nutrients, finding the exact right things to throw together at the store, and then putting it all together and cooking it personally?  It may sound nice, but all these steps can be time consuming, and time is in short supply for busy people.  Our meal plans take this burden off your shoulders, and offer a healthy choice that can keep you from grabbing for unhealthy snacks or giving up and heading for the fast food line.

Our meal plan also takes out all the guess work and nutritional research you need to do.  We offer quality, healthy meals that cover your nutritional needs.  Don’t worry about portion size or what ingredients you need – let us handle all of that work while you just enjoy the food!

Pick Up Directly at The Clinic

You speak directly with a professional dietitian to tailor-make the ideal meal plan for you and your needs, and as soon as you work out the details, you can start on your program.  All meals come pre-proportioned in sealed trays.

Your meals for the full week will arrive directly at our clinic, and all you have to do is come by and pick them up.  Whether at home or at work, you can store these meals right in your refrigerator and microwave them when it’s time to eat.  Our plan is designed to offer filling, satisfying, and healthy meals that are ready to go in minutes.  With our plan, you can eat healthy without having to sacrifice your time.