The Correlation Between Low Testosterone and Infertility

Fertility and Low TA man’s virility often is found in his reproductive capabilities. In fact, testosterone is a key ingredient in the realm of fertility. Testosterone assists in the production of sperm, thereby raising fertility levels. The higher the sperm count, the better the chances of conception.

Men who are experiencing low T are therefore hit with additional considerations when they seek out a Denver low testosterone doctor—infertility.

Low T Treatment

Low testosterone treatments vary. There are gels, patches, and various other treatments available. Men who are seeking out ED treatment in Denver need to weigh their options carefully.

While Low T treatment will certainly increase a man’s sex drive and help eliminate any erectile dysfunction issues he may be facing, it might also decrease his sperm production, hindering his fertility.

Sperm Count

Testosterone is produced in the testes and contributes significantly to the production of sperm. Sperm counts are an important consideration when contemplating conception. Lower sperm counts create a challenge when trying to conceive.

Since low T treatments deliver testosterone directly to the bloodstream, they inhibit the triggers utilized in the testes. Thusly, a man’s body thinks there is enough testosterone and stops producing it, making less sperm in the meantime.

There is Hope

If you are one of many men experiencing low T, don’t get too worked up about the fertility issue–there is hope!

The negative side effects of hormone replacement therapy can be rectified with the use of gonadotropin shots. The gonadotropin hormones send the signal for the testes to manufacture more testosterone which in turn boosts the sperm count.

If you are considering conception, yet struggle with low testosterone, let us know. We can help you work out a plan to increase your testosterone levels without hampering your fertility goals.

Other Considerations

In addition to gonadotropin injections, it is imperative that men live an active lifestyle that includes healthy eating habits.

While being physically fit will certainly increase a man’s stamina and desirability, it will also boost testosterone production. It has been shown that excess belly fat works against men in a very serious way. In fact, that spare tire is converting testosterone into estrogen!

Men are fighting a losing battle if they’re allowing their bodies to pack on the pounds.

Infertility Doesn’t Have to be an Issue

Our Denver low testosterone doctors are here to help. Let us evaluate your testosterone levels and make recommendations that are suitable for your continued well-being.

If you are concerned about potential fertility ramifications, we can help guide you through this process. Please contact us today!