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Are You Suffering from a Premature Case of Low Testosterone?

Young men are not usually included in the group with concerns about low testosterone. Yet, early onset low T does happen and it’s an important situation to address.

If you are younger than 40 and are noticing a serious decline in libido or experiencing erectile dysfunction, you may be experiencing low T. It is important for you to understand what that means and to seek out the proper assistance to handle the situation.

Normal Testosterone Decreases

Testosterone production kicks into high gear in puberty. It allows men to gain muscle mass and it deepens their voices. It enlarges their genitalia and keeps them strong. Essentially, testosterone makes males into men, physically.

By the time men reach their 30s and beyond, they begin to experience a decline in their testosterone levels. This means that they will notice things like decreased sex drive and muscle mass. In truth, this is a natural part of getting older.

But, that natural aspect is in reference to a gradual decline in the hormone, not a significant plummet. Men who haven’t exceeded the age of 40 should probably not be experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) or obvious decreases in their sexual prowess. If they are, medical assistance is needed as soon as possible to detect underlying issues.

Why Does it Start Early in Some?

Testosterone deficiency is relatively rare in young men. Though, there are some issues that can cause it to appear.

  • Testicular disorders can initiate low T at a young age.
  • A malfunctioning pituitary gland can also be a contributor. However, testosterone deficiency is relatively rare in young men. Though, there are some additional issues that can cause it to appear.
  • Substance abuse is a key problem. Cannabis, or marijuana, appears to play a part in moments of impotence experienced by young men. The cannabinoids within marijuana have been shown to temporarily bring down testosterone levels. However, 24 hours after ingestion, they should return to a normal range.
  • There is a possibility that the young man is experiencing gametogenesis or gonad hormone deficiency. The gonad hormones include testosterone, and gametogenesis involves the development and production of sperm. Gonad hormone issues are generally the underlying cause of low T in young men. This means the testicles are not secreting enough testosterone.
  • Testicular failure, as occurs with hemochromatosis or Klinefelter’s syndrome, is also a potential reason for drops in testosterone.

Regardless of the cause for low T, if a young man’s testosterone level falls under 300mg/dl, it is probably time for therapeutic intervention.

Are There Differences in Symptomology?

The majority of symptoms for early onset low testosterone are similar to those experienced by older men. There is a loss of desire for sex, an inability to concentrate, and the potential for erectile dysfunction.

However, the most telling symptom for young men might be an unnatural decrease in strength and increase in fat storage—especially if the man is normally active.

Young men who experience lower strength and decreased protein anabolism should have their testosterone levels checked. Protein anabolism allows for the growth and recovery of muscles. It aids in the oxidation of fat. This is the process in which fat is burned in order to achieve more energy.

Young men should be strong and capable of burning fat quite readily. When these areas are deficient, they are potential indicators of an underlying issue.

Are There Differences in Treatment?

Clinical evaluation is essential for a young man who believes he is experiencing low T. These tests will help evaluate his hormonal levels across the board. And, they can potentially reveal other conditions that could be contributing to the issue.

Once the condition has been verified, it is highly probable that testosterone replacement therapy will be employed. As far as young people go, this is the best treatment option available.

If you think you might be experiencing the symptoms of early onset low T, it is imperative that you speak with one of our clinicians. We are prepared to help you diagnose and treat the issue. Contact us today.