What Options are Available for Denver Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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The phrase hormone replacement therapy refers to the process patients undertake to supplement a lack of naturally occurring hormones.

There are different types of hormone replacement therapies available and the purpose depends on the patient.

We take a customized approach to hormone replacement therapy.  After meeting with you, our Low T Medical Clinic professionals will devise a plan that is just right for your hormone levels.

Our most common form of hormone replacement therapy is prescribed to older individuals who suffer from depleted testosterone.

Why You’ll Want to Seek Hormone Replacement Therapy in Denver

Did you know your testosterone levels peaked around your 17th birthday?  It’s true.  Then, your hormone levels plateaued until you turned 30.  From there, your testosterone gradually decreased.  By the time you turn 80, your testosterone levels will be 50% less than what they were in your youth.

Patients turn to our Denver testosterone replacement treatments for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps Low T Medical Clinic can help you combat the symptoms of low T – like decreased energy, weight gain, low libido, and more.

Or maybe you are turning to our expertise to help you prevent late-life illnesses – like diabetes, heart disease, anemia and dementia.

No matter what motivates you to seek hormone replacement therapy in Denver, it is time to take action.  The sooner you turn to Low T Medical Clinic for help, the sooner you can restore your active, healthy lifestyle.

The Most Common Hormone Therapy in Denver

Testosterone replacement for Denver patients can come in a few different forms.  Unfortunately, the liver is not able to process the hormone without sustaining damage, so oral pills are not a part of treatment.

In the past, the only form of hormone therapy available to men was via skin patches.  Later, doctors developed topical creams that were commonly applied to the upper arms, shoulders and abdomen.

Now, our Denver hormone replacement therapy doctors are able to administer testosterone injections.  This treatment method has proven to be both highly successful and easy to administer.

Seeking Treatment

If you think your hormone levels have diminished, it is time to see a doctor.  Contact our physicians who specialize in hormone therapy for Denver, CO.  To get the treatment process started, simply fill out the form to the right.

Contacting a Denver testosterone replacement doctor is the first step to renewing your health and rejuvenating your youthfulness.