Increased Sex Drive and Performance

Increased Sex DriveDiscussing your sex life with anyone – even a doctor – can be an unpleasant and embarrassing task.

But once you have, you’ll be so glad you did! Low testosterone levels can create unnecessary problems in the bedroom – erectile dysfunction or a decreased libido.

A lack of sexual drive is not uncommon for older men, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for it!

Why This May Occur

Unlike your younger and more energetic self, you may be experiencing a decrease in sex drive or performance. Why is that so? Aging men require a higher level of circulating testosterone than younger men.

One of the causes of a decreased libido is hypogonadism. This is a health condition in which the body doesn’t produce the correct amount of testosterone, leaving the man with a lack of sex drive. Testosterone replacement therapy is the cure for this condition.

Don’t let old age, or anything else, keep you from enjoying your sex life; hormone replacement therapy will cure you of any sexual difficulties.

How it Affects You

A decreased interest in sexual activity doesn’t happen overnight, but is more of a prolonged condition. Men seem to get more upset about a decreased libido than women do. Men let this issue take over their life and cause even more problems. By holding onto this problem, you may slip into a state of depression or become less interested in doing practically anything that involves other people.

How You Can Fix It

Hormone replacement therapy will replenish your testosterone levels, therefore restoring your sex drive. Research has shown that testosterone replacement therapy significantly increases every domain of sexual function. Studies show that hormone replacement therapy can increase all aspects of sexual activity in just a few weeks. Men undergoing the therapy have shown an increase in intercourse satisfaction, orgasm, sex drive, and overall satisfaction.

Restoring testosterone levels will have a direct impact on your sex life.  You’ll experience both an increased libido and enhanced performance. Both you and your partner will appreciate that these intimate moments are more enjoyable.  You’ll feel like you’re in the prime of your youth again! So many other things in your life will be less enjoyable than they once were.  Don’t let your sex life go by the wayside too.