Increased Muscle Strength and Tone

Man ExercisingPerhaps one of the most frustrating things in life is when we actively try to improve our health but our bodies seem determined to prevent any progress.

This is exactly what happens when testosterone levels drop.

No matter how hard you try to stay active, your muscles may refuse to retain their tone and strength.

Why Should You Care?

Why worry about increasing your strength now?  At this age, it isn’t like you’ll be entering any weight lifting competitions! As is the case with many other things in our bodies, muscle strength is tied to so many other health conditions.  In fact, our overall health will decline much faster if our muscles remain inactive.

When men reach the age of 50, their muscle mass decreases by 10 percent. When they reach 60 and 70 years old, their muscle mass drops by 15 percent. For any age after 70, muscle mass is drained by 30 percent!

What are the Benefits?

Not only should you be considering strength when it comes to the amount of muscle mass you have but other health benefits are available with the help of a strong body!

Weight Management

As you get older, your metabolism begins to slow, making it increasingly difficult to stay at a healthy weight. An increase in muscle mass will boost your metabolism and burn more calories. Staying at a healthy weight can reduce the risk of other diseases as well.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Strong, built muscles protect your joints from damage – a much manlier way of joint protection than drinking gross juices. Muscles don’t just protect joints, but bones as well. Balance is lost as you age, which makes you more prone for falls. A healthy amount of muscle can protect your bones during a fall.

Other Benefits

The other, more random, benefits of increased muscle mass are things like a healthier view on life, increased energy, and a higher self-esteem.

How to Fight Back

Weight training is a dangerous activity for an older man. Testosterone replacement therapy can help you get back the toned, strong muscles from your twenties! One study found that men who engaged in testosterone replacement therapy for a mere six months saw an increase in muscle mass by 2.5 pounds.

Don’t allow an inadequate level of testosterone keep you from feeling like a man, it is a normal health condition found in older men. With simple hormone replacement therapies, you’ll soon see a vast improvement in your strength and muscle tone.  And as a result, you’ll begin to notice your overall health improves too.