Improved Feeling of Well Being, Mood, and Disposition

Successful man rejoicingDoes anyone really want to be known as a grumpy old man?!  Hopefully not!

If you feel you have begun to slip into that category, you’re probably desperate to make a quick exit! Testosterone effects everything in the male body, especially the brain.

If your testosterone drops too low or goes too high, you can end up with some negative feelings.

The Effects of Too Much or Too Little Testosterone

Ironically, researchers have a term for the moodiness of a man with low testosterone levels: Irritable Male Syndrome. This refers to a man’s likelihood to be irritable and experience mood swings while having low testosterone. Some people may joke that this is similar to a woman’s PMS, but it is more serious than that.

Contrary to what one may think, a low level of testosterone doesn’t make a man more quiet and gentle; rather he becomes more irritable and ready to engage in a fight – two emotions that don’t mix well! However, that is not the only problem associated with low T. A man with a low level of testosterone is prone to depression, which can then progress into more dangerous conditions like obesity, anxiety and helplessness.

On the other hand, too much testosterone leads to hypersexuality and hypermania. A man with low T may be irritable, but it is nothing compared to a man with too much testosterone. A sort of overdose of testosterone makes it very easy for a man to lose his temper and then lash out at whoever is closest. Pills and patches may increase your testosterone, but they may do so too much. Testosterone replacement therapy will put your hormone levels at a healthy place.

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help

Hormone replacement therapy is one of the quickest ways to boost your mood. Most men see an improvement in their emotional wellbeing within weeks or evens days after beginning therapy.

By increasing testosterone levels, you’ll quickly see a change in your mood.  You’ll feel happier.  Your overall outlook on life will improve.  You’ll shed those negative feelings much quicker than before and fight off depression before it gets a hold of you.  People will enjoy being around you, and you will enjoy being around them!

It might take several doses of hormone replacement therapy before you’ll see a difference in most of your physical ailments – like muscle strength or weight loss.  However, you’ll be pleased to learn your mood will be bolstered almost overnight.