Improved Concentration, Focus and Memory

Man MeditatingIn addition to improving your physical health, hormone replacement therapy can also have a significant impact on your mental health. Better mental health leads to better overall health. Indeed, getting older plays a large role in the decline of cognitive ability, but old age may not be the only thing to blame. Low testosterone levels result in a lack of concentration, difficulty focusing, and memory loss.

A healthy testosterone level has been shown to increase the mathematical cognitive ability in men ranging from 35 to 90 years old. With hormone replacement therapy, you can get your mind back to normal, or perhaps above normal, functioning.


Before you begin hormone replacement therapy, you are likely to notice low level of concentration. This could mean anything from not listening to your wife when she tells you about her day, to not being able to read the newspaper for more than a minute without thinking of something else. It is annoying to have to reread things or ask someone to repeat themselves.

Restoring your hormone levels will allow you to regain the concentration you have been lacking. Being able to concentrate better will allow you to do the simplest of tasks, like reading a newspaper article. Though it may not exactly be a huge difference in your life, being able to concentrate on daily tasks is important.


You’ll be able to focus better – even on the most mundane tasks. A lack of focus can be serious in some situations- like driving or operating a machine. Don’t let low testosterone levels take you away from doing day to day tasks. Not only will a greater ability to focus allow you to be safer, it will reduce the amount of time it takes you to do a project.


Being subject to memory loss is not at all fun, yet you will be the center of everyone’s jokes. Memory loss can be difficult to cope with. Forgetting a birthday or that you needed to stop by the grocery store make you put yourself down.

Before being diagnosed with low testosterone, you probably assumed your poor memory and lack of concentration was simply a result of old age.  Everyone else you know has trouble remembering things now too. However, everyone around you will quickly notice how much sharper your mind is after your testosterone levels are restored!

You won’t lose concentration, and you’ll be able to remember things better than ever before. One of the best parts of hormone replacement therapy is that results are nearly instantaneous.  After just a few treatment sessions, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your mental health.